Is the annual contract being compulsory? Can I hire monthly resources?

Here at QServices Inc, the annual contract is not necessary. You can choose our Monthly or Hourly plan as per your budget and the requirements. You have the authority to select from the following models:
Dedicated - 160 Hours/Month
Part Time - 80 Hours/Month
Time and Material Based - Hourly

What If in case, I hire your services & the performance doesn't go well, then??

We have the pool of expert developers and designers who have in-depth knowledge about their respective technologies and have experience of the expert level. In addition, we provide you quality analysts, Project Managers for the 24/7 communication support and deliver you performance reports on the daily, weekly or monthly basis.
Although, if you are not satisfied with the performance and the results then we'll provide you the replacement for the same

What is the process for hiring a dedicated team of experts from QServices Inc?

The process for hiring knowledgeable resources from QServices Inc is quite simple. In the first instance, we analyze the requirements and based on that we send a resume of resources. You can shortlist them and then take an interview. Based on the interview, you can assign them projects.

Can you provide any Project Manager to monitor the resources?

Of-course, once all the requirements are on the board, each client is allotted Project Manager who will communicate free of charge and provide you with a daily status report, target of the day through skype or any mode of communication which you prefer.

What type of services do I acquire from QServices Inc?

We will help you at a regular time interval and assure that the things which you’ll get from us must have good quality and as per your plan. We’ll also provide daily updates about the tasks and the queries which we’ll face. We are a dedicated team of 50+ employees, who works as per the client guidelines. Being a quality assurance software company, we believe communication is the key for every task and that’s why we are known as Best Software Mobile & Web Application Development company.

Suppose if I’m not satisfied with resources then there is any possibility of replacement?

Yes, if you are not satisfied with a certain resource for a particular time period then QServices Inc assures free and appropriate replacement.

What kind of technologies are you familiar with?

We work on a variety of technologies for Web & Mobile fields such as Flutter, React native, ReactJS, NodeJS, Xamarin, iOS, Android and many more.

Are there any hidden charges for hiring dedicated and professional resources with QServices Inc?

No, there are no additional charges for hiring professional resources.

How outsourcing is beneficial for my business?

The main aim of outsourcing is to increase the productivity of your business and reduce the expenses. Outsourcing generally helps businesses to meet goals by reducing costs of hiring experts and maintaining the infrastructure. We help you to connect with a talented team which results in an increase in productivity, reduces the risk of project failure and saves time.

How much time will it take for the on-boarding process?

It takes one to six working days for the on-boarding process.

Suppose, I don’t have any knowledge about the services that I need, then what?

You don’t need to worry if you don’t have the knowledge about the services. Our dedicated team of Mobile and Web app developers always available for you 24*7 onwards. Connect with our experts and they will assist you as per your business requirements and convert your ideas into realities.

Can you provide resources who can work in flexible shifts?

QServices Inc works as per the Indian Standard Time. We offer flexible services to schedule meetings that are appropriate for our client. In-fact, more than 95% of our consumers are from foreign countries.

What do you mean by passionate development team?

QServices Inc have the potential to develop passion. We considered every project is unique. In order to fulfill project requirements and add additional features, it is necessary to work with a passionate and extraordinary team. If you outsource your project to an Offshore Development Team that marks high ROI and top-quality results into your software development process.

Will you send me the progress of the work? Can I also access the project management software and timesheet reports?

As per your preference, we’ll send you the progress report every 2 weeks or every month. The progress report consists of plans and targets for the project. We assure that every consumer gets complete access to the project management tool.

Can I request a dummy project before signing a new contract with you?

Yes, you can request a dummy project before signing a new contract. For that, you have to provide all the detailed requirements about the dummy project. Based on the requirements, we decide the payment method whether it’s free or paid.

How do I make a payment to QServices Inc?

The payment plan will be done as per the billing standard which you choose i.e. Weekly, Monthly or Hourly. You can pay via Debit/Credit card, Paytm, PayPal or Wire Transfer.

What is the lead time to ramp up the resources?

The lead time for ramping up the resources would be 7-10 working days. It totally depends upon the experience and the key skills required for the particular technology.

How much time will it require to get-in-touch with a suitable candidate?

QServices Inc appoints you the intimate dedicated and expert team to work with your team. We send our professional resumes within 1*2 hrs. and start the work as soon as possible after signing the contract.

Suppose I hire someone from QServices Inc for 2-week and if I don’t want to continue with them then what?

The 2-week trial period is a non-obligatory task period. Basically, it’s a trial period and as per our policy, you are not bound to keep our developers. The 2-week trial periods designed in such a way that you can test our developers up-to 2 weeks. If you’re not satisfied with the outcomes then we will give you a replacement for the same.

How can I supervise the developer efficiency and performance?

We believe communication is the key to every successful work. We have precise and well-defined management policies. Our dedicated Project Manager is available 24*7 and provides you the updates through Skype, Slack or any other mode of communication preferred by you.

Can QServices Inc offer marketing services?

Still not, but we are on the way to start soon.

Suppose, If I want to work with a larger team then would you offer discounts?

Of-Course, We can help you with the larger team and provide you the discounts as well.

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