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At QServices Inc, we deliver robust, world-class and custom Web Application Development services to our clients. Our professional and full stack web development team is capable in analyzing and realizing all software needs of clients and uses latest web technologies to serve tech-savvy clients and provides best web development services worldwide. With effective communication, our web developers are able to understand the minor and major requirements of the projects despite the great geographical distance and quick responded. They are always ready to go extra miles to deliver best product quality.

Move towards custom web applications - Here is why:

Easy to Manage and Made for Future

  • Scale the web app to handle traffic of any magnitude with zero downtime
  • Scale the web application development to handle traffic of any magnitude
  • Scale the web app to handle traffic of any magnitude with zero downtime

Ease of Maintenance

  • Choice of hosting options
  • No fee of ownership
  • Third party tools are low in cost

Quick and Secure

  • An unfussy and modest setup which makes the website loads faster
  • A well versed team of security experts to protect your websites
  • A group of highly skilled experts help improve security standards of website

Grow your Business from Scratch to success

To stand out against your competition, our expertise keep themselves updated with the leading-edge and innovative technologies and tools to provide more values to our clients.

  • UI UX Designs

    If you want to _ the ‘wow effect’ into apps, then user interface the key. QServices Inc got _ with the skills required deliver outstanding mobile experience _ are looking for

  • Expandability & Compatibility

    The application designs we incorporate scalability and interoperability leaving room for further _ advancements to enhance the _ of your app in .

  • Cross-Platform

    Users are everywhere and makes Cross-platform reach a point. We deliver across _ the popular mobile platforms _ mobile-enabled technologies to assure optimal coverage of all audiences.

  • Secure and Flexible

    Every project demands its _ set of security & considerations, and some are _ demanding. At QServices Inc, we _ industry-specific security requirements and standards from the day _.

Our Recruitment Models – Hire the Best

We provide the flexibility of choosing the best suited engagement model to all our clients.

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Dedicated Team Model

A dedicated development team is the best approach for the web and mobile development. A dedicated team model consists of a client, an outsource company and a focussed team of developers, designers and testers who work on your project as a team.

  • Software Requirements Analysts for prerequisite analysis
  • UX UI Designers for making user interaction and experience impressive
  • Web developers for coding
  • Quality Analyst for bug-free code and app
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Fixed Price

You can go with our fixed-price model if you have a well-defined project requirements. We can make an Non-Disclosure Agreement of a particular amount that you can be billed for a defined amount of task. BA discuss with clients to get a clear understanding of the proposed web development project

  • You can Upgrade the plan or cancel anytime
  • Requires no changes in the price unless your needs change
  • Can be split and paid in milestones
  • Know exactly what you’re getting upfront & how much

Client Testimonials

Still not convinced? See our customers are saying..

Qservices has very smart and knowledgeable team of software developers. I was impressed by them as they have excellent understanding of current development technologies. I have very busy schedule and Qservices guys were available to assist me outside business hours. That was impressive

Marie Martin

I had an excellent expereince. Qservices is a professional organisation. They easily understood my needs and with the highest quality quickly completed the work. They exceeded all of my expectations. I highly recommend them

Paul A Cappialli

Awesome – made contact at 6pm, job done by 9pm. Very professional and easy to work with. Pleasure doing business with them.

David Graeme

The Best Company I Have Ever Used Online. I was so impressed with QServices they have very good knowledge. They were very professional and extremely quick at answering any questions.I will request more services very soon. Would highly recommend, A** Thank you.

Scott Mazey

Frequently asked questions

Know more about our processes and how we work with the help of the following FAQs.

Which is the best web development company in India?

To find the best web development company, you need to see their experience and work in that domain. We have launched 4200+ projects and have been delivering excellence from the past 14 years with 2500+ happy customers.

How to find cost-effective web development company?

To find the best web development firm you need to see their experience, cost-effectiveness and work on that technology. We anticipate the output of the technology choice and provide advice on how to achieve your goal with minimum investments.

Will I get the copyright of source code?

Yes, obviously. You will be assigned with the appropriate license for the custom source code that our web developers wrote for your project. As a leading web development company in India, we maintain transparency with intellectual property rights and also provide an opportunity to review the ownership terms of our source code before initiating the project.

Can I see my website during the development phase?

Yes, you can. In fact, our web development company in India encourages it for the best of our clients. We build web applications on our server and provide you with a secret code and a username so you can log in and monitor the progress of your ongoing website development.

Are there any undisclosed charges?

No, we discuss everything with you from your web requirements to your budget constraint and then price accordingly. Once you have placed an order for your website development with us, our dedicated web developers work efficiently for every client irrespective of their status.

Why outsource dedicated teams in web development services?

If you want a fast delivery of your project at low investment, it is a wise idea to opt for dedicated web development teams who work solely on your project and deliver you faster results.

What are the parameters to outsource Web development company?

"The Web development company should have
1) Atleast 5 years of industry experience
2) Have build atleast 200+ apps
3) A team of more than 300 developers
4) Clients in more than 10 countries"

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