Redis is a popular database having capability to keep a high-level data. Redis is the popular database due to the performance to solve the most complex problems than other databases. Redis is an open source data store and its operations can be executed on the server that results to minimize the clients' work. Redis is used for increasing the speed of web applications. Due to its speed and high-performance, Redis is used for Mobile, Web, Gaming and many other applications.

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    Exceptionally Fast

    Redis is very fast database and can execute about 110000 SETs per second, about 81000 GETs per second. You can use the redis-benchmark utility for doing the same on your computer.

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    MultiUtility Tool

    Redis is a multi-utility tool used in messaging-queues (Redis native support ), caching, data in your application such as web page hit counts, web application sessions, etc. The demand for Redis is increased day by day. That' s the reason many people start working with Redis

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    Support Rich data types

    Redis Database supports all data-types that most of the developers already know . It includes list set, sorted set, hashes. This makes it very easy to solve a various kind of problems because in this we know which problem can be handled better by which data type.

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    Data Replication

    Replication is the method of developing master-slave cache nodes. The slave nodes always respond to the master node, that means slaves will regularly be modified as the master node is updated, Redis can also update slaves asynchronously.

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    Support transactions

    Redis supports transactions, that means commands can be implemented as a queue instead of executing one at a time. Generally, commands after MULTI will be added in a queue and once EXEC is delivered, all the commands saved in the queue will be executed instantly

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    In certain instances, it is essential to load billion of pieces of data into the cache within a short time period. This can be completed easily using mass insertion, a special feature supported by Redis

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Frequently asked questions

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Waht are the Advantages of Developing Web apps with RedisDB

Following are the advantages of using RedisDB
- Boosts productivity and facilitates further maintenance
- Guarantees stable code
- Backed by a strong community
- Easy to adopt and extremely efficient
- Provides amazing developer tools

Where can I hire a cost effective RedisDB developer?

If you are planning to hire RedisDB developers and have a budget constain, then it is better to go for a mid scale Indian RedisDB development company. We are an Indian RedisDB development company with more than a decade experience delivering excellence to Global clients.

How to choose RedisDB js companies for startups?

To find the best RedisDB development company you need to see their experience and work on that technology. We have build 150+ web apps and delivering excellence from past 14 years.

What is the future of RedisDB?

RedisDB has been updating itself from the very beginning and for front-end development this library has been helpful. With the advent of RedisDB fibre it is expected that the future is going to be very bright.

Is RedisDB Startups friendly?

Though many of the enterprises are focusing on Python, yet this technology is basically for startups. There is a minimal investment needed to start with a small firm. Also, Python app development does not require a heavy fund or manpower. Hence, Python can be considered as startup friendly.

How RedisDB Development Can Benefit Your Business?

The benefits of RedisDB are - Boosts productivity and facilitates further maintenance
- Guarantees stable code
- Backed by a strong community
- Easy to adopt and extremely efficient
- Provides amazing developer tools

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