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Connect with our experienced cloud computing professionals who are capable to host your blogs/websites, create new apps as per your demand, deliver software, store and recover your data.


We know about your business needs and ensure that you'll get the robust and secure Cloud Computing services for your business prospective. We have a collaboration to build unique designs, migrations, architecture, and deployment for our valuable clients.


    We have a team of professionals that make your web application services secure and scalable. We have capability to manage the data easily and effectively. We designed the cloud architecture in such a way that you can easily streamlined data flow and integrate third-party solutions easily.


    QServices Inc offers Cloud Computing Backup and storage solution which means the hosting of data in a highly secured platform. We keep-in-mind the client requirements and provide ease of access of data backups. In-fact, we also provide virtual cloud storage so that you can easily handle your data.


    Our expert team of professional’s work on Multi-Cloud platforms such as Google Cloud (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and many more. We use migration services which help you to optimize the workflows of your enterprises and provide scalable solutions for your web and mobile app.

  • PaaS (Platform as a service)

    PaaS is a cloud computing platform that provides an environment that helps users to develop, manage and deliver solutions effectively and proficiently. PaaS provides a set of prebuilt tools which customize and test the applications. It is beneficial for development and maintaining security, backups and operating systems. It provides concerted work even if you work remotely.

  • SaaS (Software as a service)

    SaaS is known as Software as a service. It provides ease of access to a vendor’s cloud-based software. In this, the applications work on a remote cloud network. SaaS easily maintains and manages the software. In case of machine failure, your data will not be lost. You can choose the services as per your needs. In-fact you can virtually access the applications worldwide.

  • IaaS (Infrastructure as a service)

    IaaS stands for Infrastructure as a service. It offers users access for networking, storage and servers. You can make our own server and maintain the applications. Also, you can scalable the Infrastructure as per storage. There is no chance of failure as all the data is stored on the cloud and it reduced the cost of hardware.


QServices Inc, Mohali, Chd (India) have a team of certified Cloud Computing programmers. We work on latest trends hourly or monthly and always deliver quality products to our valuable customers.

  • Hire Microsoft Azure Developers

    Join the best cloud-computing applications services by QServices Inc’s Microsoft Azure developers in affordable price

    Connect with our Azure developers having 4+ years of working experience. Increase your operation and scalability with our latest development processes. Manage your various data centres with our experts.
  • Hire Google Cloud Platform Developers

    QServices Inc provides cost-effective Google Cloud Platform Services. We offer Google Cloud platform services worldwide not only in India but also in the USA. We work on Google Cloud technologies such as App Engine, Virtual Machine, Big Data Analysis etc. Our Google cloud platform always delivers the result before the deadline.

    We provide affordable price plan
  • Hire Amazon Web Services Developers

    We have certified amazon web developers, architects, and professionals who are available 24*7. QServices Inc offers online file storage via web services like SOAP, REST etc. We provide cost-effective solutions so that you don’t need to spend a huge amount of money. You just need to spend on the hardware.

    We offer a secure infrastructure solution that helps you to grow your business.

Our Recruitment Models – Hire the Best

We provide the flexibility choosing the best suited model to all our _. We provide the flexibility of the best suited engagement _ to all our clients.

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Dedicated Team Model

A dedicated development team is the best approach for the web and mobile development. A dedicated team model consists of a client, an outsource company and a focussed team of developers, designers and testers who work on your project as a team.

  • Software Requirements Analysts for prerequisite analysis
  • UX UI Designers for making user interaction and experience impressive
  • Web developers for coding
  • Quality Analyst for bug-free code and app
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Fixed Price

You can go with our fixed-price model if you have a well-defined project requirements. We can make an Non-Disclosure Agreement of a particular amount that you can be billed for a defined amount of task. BA discuss with clients to get a clear understanding of the proposed web development project

  • You can Upgrade the plan or cancel anytime
  • Requires no changes in the price unless your needs change
  • Can be split and paid in milestones
  • Know exactly what you’re getting upfront & how much

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Qservices has very smart and knowledgeable team of software developers. I was impressed by them as they have excellent understanding of current development technologies. I have very busy schedule and Qservices guys were available to assist me outside business hours. That was impressive

Marie Martin

I had an excellent expereince. Qservices is a professional organisation. They easily understood my needs and with the highest quality quickly completed the work. They exceeded all of my expectations. I highly recommend them

Paul A Cappialli

Awesome – made contact at 6pm, job done by 9pm. Very professional and easy to work with. Pleasure doing business with them.

David Graeme

The Best Company I Have Ever Used Online. I was so impressed with QServices they have very good knowledge. They were very professional and extremely quick at answering any questions.I will request more services very soon. Would highly recommend, A** Thank you.

Scott Mazey

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