Why React Native is in Trend for Building Mobile Applications?

Year by year, there have been huge advancements in the field of technology in the bygone decades and more people are serving internet on mobile devices rather than on their desktops. However, only a few sectors have witnessed unparalleled growth; out of which is the mobile app development industry. In this digital era, everybody famine quick information and in the recent time many of the businesses want to give an improved mobile application experience to their users.

It has been observed according to statistics, by the year 2020, mobile apps are predicted to generate $188.9 billion in global revenue via app stores and in-app advertising. These can be the great reasons for you to ponder about building a mobile app for the better growth of your business.

Now the next question that arises in our mind is that how can we reach the new audience with a mobile app and speculating which technology to choose.

The users also require apps that offer unblemished performance, smooth navigation, as well as aesthetical appeal. The growing demand for superior, faster, and more innovative apps has led to the urgency to meet the criteria. But the high performing and quality native applications are bit time consuming to build. So there are so many mobile app development frameworks available that provides faster deployment with slight impact on the performance and React Native is one of the enhanced technology to build revolutionary mobile applications and keep in-sync with the demand. In this Blog, we will discuss why you should prefer React native for your business mobile app development.

React Native – React (a javascript library) + Native (mobile Application type) is exhibited by Facebook in 2015 but released to the public in 2016, which is a cross-platform mobile app development framework used to develop native apps that make code readable for both Android and iOS. The main purpose of React Native is to bring the power of react to native mobile application development and is the native version of the JavaScript library

Some specific reasons to choose React Native for Mobile App Development:

Offers cross-platform compatibility

React Native was initially introduced for iOS but owing to its super abilities and features, Facebook developed its support for android as well. Now, the majority of React Native applications are cross-platform, which entails that developers can use the same code for developing both Android and IOS applications and thus results in the same performance outcome without any additional cost and also shortens the development process.

Low Development cost and time constraints

Within no time you will be able to design a mobile application for your kind of business with the help of React Native. Money is the most significant factor for which you are concerned about to while the starting of your business. Every startup wants the faster returns to subsist in the tech savvy market. With react Native, you can embed native code conveniently, when necessary, to impart a more platform-specific authenticity to your app. This saves the development cost to atleast 30% considerably, as well as reduce time otherwise spent writing two codes and two team of developers to pay. So the big reason to hire react native developer is building an app in react native will save your time and money to build mobile apps on multiple platforms..

Sharing a single codebase

One of the biggest benefits of React Native is the fact that it allows for building a single app and releasing it for both Android and iOS. Front end code can be shared between iOS and android. Moreover, if you have already built a website in React JS, then in that case also, you are able to reuse the existing code.

Live reload Feature

The Live reload feature available in react native allows you to instantaneously get the outcome of the recent change that you have made to the code. The developer can keep running the app while implementing new versions. The changes will be instant visible without save the code. The basic idea behind hot reloading is that you couldn’t lose any of your state and able to inject new versions of the file during the run time.

Improve customer experience and Efficiency

React Native app guarantees speed and agility for the mobile apps with responsiveness and a great native app based user experience. This platform also brings efficiency and portability of web app development to the smartphone and also speed up your development time in number of ways. The React native development framework can interface with the third-party plugins so as to use the device’s functionalities.

Handled Complex Business Logics

Facebook uses this framework to handle out the complex business logics about diverse currencies, time zones and date/time conventions.

React Native Open Source Update 0.59 – The Latest Version

React Native has a recent update  React native 0.59 in which highly awaited changes has been made in the technology.

Features of React Native 0.59

Powerful React Hooks

The basic idea to implement this new feature in React Native is that it allows to use react state and components lifecycle methods behavior in functional components without writing the class. Hooks does not work at all with classes. In straight words, Hooks are created to reuse the stateful behavior between different functional react components. React provides two built in hooks i.e. useState and useEffect.

Java Script Core upgrade and 64 bit Support for Android

React Native uses JSC to power your application and supports the developers to use javascript for android and iOS securely. This feature comes up with 64 bit support.

Enhancements in CLI

This upgrade comes up with the CLI (Command Line Interface) improvements. In the earlier versions, the feature of CLI comprises of various issues and there was lack of support from the official platform. In React Native 0.59, The tools of Command Line Interface have been moved to the new repository with the number of improvements.

Introduce “Inline Requires” Features

The inline requires feature in React Native 0.59 helps in easily identifying the components to be selected at the time of starting the app. This feature let the developers to load the resources whenever needed in the case of lazy loading. In the apps, The developers now have the option to load resources in the conditions where they are required to avoid the slowing down of the app launch.

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