Why Brands are Switching to PWA?



My mind started buzzing when one of my friends told me about PWA. As a Developer, I was thinking every day technology changes and Progressive Web Apps may be one of them like I was taking PWA lightly.

When I start searching about PWA, I got surprised by the benefits given by PWA. I have read about Hybrid and Native platforms for Android and iOS app development respectively but if you’re developing the web app then PWA is the Modern Buzzword that added Stars to your work Dictionary.

If you’re running an organization, working on a Mobile Responsive website then that’s not enough to grow your business. Now, the question arises what you can do to increase your business?

Here’s the Answer of all the questions “PWA (Progressive Web Apps)”

What is PWA:

Let’s take the example as we all know, Whatsapp becomes a part of our daily routine. When the Internet is not working still we are able to open the Whatsapp and checked the earlier messages.

In fact, we can send messages without the internet. When we get an internet connection then messages are being automatically hit the chat-box.
In the same manner, PWA plays an important role in the web application development. Our web app will run when there’ll be no internet connection.

Why PWA:

Now, it’s the time to demonstrate why we need PWA and the key features which make it popular:


Keep the Users Engaged:

The features provide by PWA helps to keep the users engaged. These features include designs, Notifications, icons of Home Screen which automatically grab the attention of users.

Responsive and Fast:

One of the most important features of PWA is Fast and Responsive which means the page will be buttery smooth when we interact with the app and it can be fit into any kind of device whether it’s phone or tablet.

Online and Offline Connectivity:

PWA has the ability to work in both Online and Offline Environment.

Highly Secured:

The web apps build in PWA are highly secured because of the security layer i.e. HTTPS which stops the access of unauthorized users.

Update Automatically:

We don’t need to update the web apps build in PWA as its update automatically.

Reasons for choosing PWA by the Top Brands:

I hope you guys understand the PWA and the features which make it popular.
Now, Lets see why brands are switching towards PWA.



We all know about India’s biggest online Ticketing Platform none of other than BookMyShow. More than 50+ monthly people use BookMyShow.

After the adoption of PWA, there is a huge amount of increase in the conversion rate of BookMyShow which is increased up to 80+ in percentile.

Now, within 30 seconds, we’ll reach on checkout because of the fastest loading speed which is increased by PWA.


OLX is a group of the biggest Marketplace which covered 45 countries all around the world. If you want to purchase or sell the services whether it can be Electronic items, cars, bikes, cell-phones then OLX is the best option for you.

With the adoption of PWA, the OLX notify some improvements like the Bounce rate decreased up to 80%, more than 250+ people re-engaged with OLX, CTR increased up to 146% and many more.


One of the biggest hurdles for Flipkart was the issue with the network in the rural and urban Area. This issue is resolved by PWA. Now, we can connect with top brands and purchase goods without any network issues. Even, If we’ll be disconnected from the network; still we can browse the website, check the categories as well as the product.


MakeMyTrip is India’s leading travel company with 8 million visitors monthly. After the addition of PWA, the major changes shows in the site such as improvement in conversion rate is 3X, the loading time of the page is increased up to 38%, shopper sessions are increased up to 160%.


If we want to find what happening around the world then TwitterLite is the best platform. We can easily create and share information worldwide. Previously, Twitter wished their mobile web to be faster and more attractive.

As time flies; In addition to PWA, Twitter launched TwitterLite which becomes the fastest and easiest way to use Twitter. With lower data consumption, TwitterLite also gives benefits such as reduced in Bounce Rate up to 20%, Page per session increased up to 65%, 75% in Tweets.


Alibaba.com is the world’s largest marketplace for suppliers, buyers, and manufactures. It is the biggest E-commerce platform who recently adopted PWA which adds a feather to the cap.

The achievements of Alibaba includes-

  • The increase in interaction rate up to 4X.
  • Increase in the percentage of monthly active users that is 30% on Android and 14% on iOS.
  • The Conversion rate is increased by up to 76%.


Forbes is the American Business Magazine that provides feature articles on technology, marketing, finance, etc. Previously, the outcomes of Forbes’s mobile website was terrible with a render time of 6.5 seconds.

With PWA, within 3 seconds, Readers can see the content which results in an increase of impression per page is up to 20 % and 12% increase in readership.


The Social Network platforms noticed that the slow web experience because of its only convert just 1% of the customers into sign-up and sign-in. In order to improve this percentage, they choose PWA. The time to build PWA Pinterest was 3 months. After 3 months, Pinterest shows a drastic change in its business.

After adding PWA, the average time spent by the user is increased up to 40%, ad- revenue is increased up to 44% and many more.

Starbucks Coffee:

Starbucks allows its customers to check the menu, create the orders and add the orders to the cart even when there is no signal or poor connection. With the addition of PWA, Starbucks improved its performance such as As per the given location, we can choose a specific price.

  • Highly Responsive and Fast performance
  • Full Offline Features means we can use all the features of Starbucks without online.


If you are searching for a Hotel then Trivago is a big name in Hotel Search Engine Marketing. The availability of Trivago’s PWA is in 55 countries worldwide with 33 languages.
After the adoption of PWA, the percentage of user engagement is increased by up to 50% and Click rate is increased by 97%.


I hope you guys saw the benefits of PWA and how the latest brands adopted PWA technology. As technology grows faster, people also become smart. If the user needs any information, they want that in a hurry and not in the second half.

Our Organization QServices Inc. which is a Mobile and Application Development company is also on the way to work on PWA. Our team of 20+ members is passionate about their work and always keeps in touch with the latest technology. That’s why we’re now started working on PWA.

If you have any query or views, please share with us.

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