What makes Microsoft Azure the Best Cloud Computing Services?

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service created by Microsoft for computing, analytics, building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services. This all management is done through Microsoft managed data centers. Azure was announced in 2008 with the different name and renamed to Microsoft Azure on 25th March 2014. It provides huge range of cloud computing services out of which users pick the suitable one to build and scale new or existing apps in the public cloud. If we talk about the most popular use of Microsoft Azure, then running of virtual containers is one of the best use.

What Makes Microsoft Azure Consulting Services the Best?

Some of the top advantages of Azure is as follows:

Fast Paced:

In this fast world, people values time and offcourse speed is the major unit for every type of business whether it is Microsoft Azure is fast-paced across the world. Speed is a major impact in all areas with the main three key elements as the speed of deployment, speed of operation and speed of scalability.

Enhance Business in an Agile Way:

For the continuous delivery and faster development cycle, business people use Azure which have speedy reaction time and make the procedure irritative which thus permits investigating the shrouded highlights of the innovation.

High Availability:

When you go through the legal agreement which covers the services provided by Azure, you’ll find that the 99.95% uptime guarantee has been provided. In real-time hours, that means you can expect about 4.5 hours of downtime over the course of an entire year. Similar services from competitive brands offer uptime percentages that are 98%, 95%, and sometimes as low as 90% for the same price that you’ll get with Azure.

Offers Strong Security Profile:

Azure offers a security control system which follows the DADSC approach which is detect, assess, diagnose, stabilize, and close. When this profile is paired with the cyber-security controls that are built into the platform, you’ll be able to take their multiple compliance certifications and turn them into your next best assets. The risk of data loss has been reduced when end users are covered with Azure. At the same time, multi-factor authentication and application passwords offer another layer of security to stop information theft.

Good Scalability options offerings:

Like most businesses, you probably have a day or two when you maximize your data use, then the rest of the month, you use a minimal amount. With Azure, you’re not forced to purchase data packets or other upgrades to gain access to the computer power you need for that day or two each month. Just click on the upgrades that you need, then remove them when you’ve gotten the work done. This structure makes it easier to pay only for what you use.

Free to use on any Framework, Language or tool:

You can easily and quickly transform your ideas into solutions in the case when you are using Microsoft Azure to work for you. All you need to do is bring your code to start doing what you already love. Microsoft Azure permits you to build applications in any of the language which you prefer, including Asp.NET, Java, and NodeJS, then gives you access to tools like Visual Studio. This allows you to stay productive while focusing on the coding instead of how it is managed. 

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