Top Leading NodeJS frameworks for the year 2020!

Introduction to NodeJS Framework:

What is NodeJS  Development framework? A node.js framework helps you in building the base layer for creating a web application. Node.js development framework is a amalgamation of libraries, helpers, and tools that offer a means to craft and operate web applications in the straightforward manner. The most important features of node.js framework are its architecture and features such as assistance for customization, flexibility, security, compatibility with different libraries. It provides support for flexibility, security, customization and a great compatibility with various libraries which makes it capable to build smart, scalable server-side network-based applications. The exceptional and outstanding architecture of NodeJS framework uplifts the top-notch performance of the developers.


NodeJS is apposite for the following:

Social Media Applications

Multiplayer based games app


Streaming apps

Collaboration tools

Messaging and chat applications

Real time web apps


Benefits of NodeJS:

Easy and quick MVP development (Minimum Viable product)

Support for vertical and horizontal scaling both.

Make time to market cycle shorter

Easy reuse and share code between front end and back end.

Easy to learn

Top NodeJS Frameworks:

Socket.IO is a full stack framework that provides users with a simple and straightforward API that works in synchronized way with every service. The speed and reliability offered impresses every developer.

Express.IO is one of the best-known framework and primary selection of many developers. It is the fastest and lightweight framework for NodeJS for creating applications of any size and complexity. It is oftenly associated with MEAN and MERN Stack used to create amazing web applications. It supports various HTTP utility methods which makes it a distinguished environment for building REST APIs. It provides a robust set of features and allows to dynamically render HTML Pages based on passing arguments to templates. By using http requests, It offers robust URL-based routing mechanism. For enhancing the default functionality of, it provides support of various plugins and extensions. It provides easy database integration.


Koa.JS is an extremely powerful middleware and server-side framework for creating web applications which uses generators that allows avoiding callbacks and handle errors more efficiently. It has very lightweight structure with high customization possibilities and modular approach. It is little bit hard to learn as developer starts with an almost empty application where a skilled developer can add his code.


Sails.JS is a popular real-time MVC micro framework which is based on socket and Most of the developers believe that Sails.JS holds more potential to develop real time chat apps, dashboards and multiplayer games and many more browser-based applications. In fact the ORM solution that comes with it offers users to use almost any database.


This framework is gaining popularity as huge improvement seen in the number of websites which is being created using meteorjs. It is quite simple full stack Nodejs framework which is compatible with web iOS, android or desktop and help developers to create web as well as mobile applications. It has the great capability to serve large projects like reaction commerce which is the most popular ecommerce open source project.

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