Top iOS Application Development Trends to Watch in 2020

With the passage of time and by following the trend, when decades are gone, technology always brings us something new and the app development industry is growing in a tremendous way. These latest trends in technology have great potential to amaze with their type of innovations and as a result of which every iOS development company should keep track of the industry trends in order to sustain success and developers  need to get aware about these new trends and techniques. The client or simply say people also prefer to hire iOS developers with great skill set, knowledge about updated development trends and a vast experience in particular technology. In this blog, let's get aware about the top iOS application development trends in 2020 that every iOS development company or developers should follow to provide best and customer-oriented applications.

An Integrated Augmented reality Framework and iOS app:

Many of the companies have introduced the capabilities of augmented reality and integrated AR into the application. There are some powerful frameworks for example ARkit, creative tools and reality kit which makes it really easy to bring ideas into life in AR. Likewise reality composers are a powerful tool that helps in creating reality experiences and converts your existing 3D models to USDZ so it works seamlessly in our tools and on all AR-enabled iPhone and iPad devices.


Security is the most common and the most important in the iOS development trends. It is very important to make an app secure in order to maintain privacy of the user. As we all are familiar with, Apple is the one who is well known for their privacy policies, so security is the foremost and an important factor in iOS app Development. The application should be prepared in such a way that it doesn't hinders the privacy of the user at any cost.

Core Machine Learning:

It is the great tool used by app developers to enhance the functionality in Camera, Siri, QuickType,etc. With only the basic idea of machine learning, developers are able to implement it in their applications.

Cloud Storage and iOS integration:

Companies are able to store massive data by the use of cloud storage facilities. APart from this cloud integration has the potential of managing complex tasks without placing much strain on the smartphone.

Swift 5 Programming Languages:

This language is released by Apple for making the app development work more easier and the whole process will be more stable and better. In fact, Swift 5 Programming Language has also improved the compatibility with the iOS app development. Developers can integrate the required libraries and make the development process easier.

Apple Pay:

Apple pay is working hard to become more better and continuously improving security and user-friendly features that helps in making it more secure and trustworthy platform.

With these amazing trends, the application can be improved to the greater extent and every iOS developer should consider these features in their iOS app Development.

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