Top Best Productivity Apps during COVID-19 Pandemic Period-2020

In the wake of COVID-19 pandemic period 2020, people used to stay at home spending all the time in scrolling their smart phones for every task. In fact, for many of us, our home has become our office. COVID-19 has turned many of the industries upside down and many of the sectors got affected like hotels but education sector is not touched. To stay productive in this period can be so hard but there are some applications in the market that help you to stay productive and help to increase your workflow. Productivity applications help to manage any business workload and accomplished the tasks more perfectly. There are apps available for every niche whether it is slack- a communication app, project management app like Trello, a writing app like Grammerly.


Below mentioned are the top productivity apps:


Management of workflow and project group is now easy with the perfect application- Trello. Here you are able to transform your idea to action in seconds with simple boards, lists and cards to help teams to organize and manage project. It is the flexible but simple and free way to systematize plans, projects and more.


Slack is a communication app by which you are able to keep track of everything. Slack allows you to chat with your colleagues and management team with so ease. Here all messages are kept organized, search is easy by name or group chat and in case of forget password, you will get the instant message so nothing is forget or lost. You can also create threads and focused groups for perfect marketing and management. The handy notifications will ensure you when someone is contacting you.


As we all know, social media is the most essential tool for any business to stay connected with your target audience. Hootsuite is the place where you can create engaging social media post and reach customers 24/7 all over the world but at a cost. Hootsuite allows you to manage your all social media accounts all in one single place. With hootsuite, you are able to schedule posts, respond to the comments and track your engagement. You can even schedule post for months means there is no time limit.


Toggl is one of the best tracking free app to track the time of work done by you and your colleagues and team mates. This application can work on computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone; so doesn’t matter which device you are using to accomplish your task or work. After completion of any task, toggl will send you a detailed report to show your time management for completing the task. With this report, you are able to manage your time more effectively.


For proofreading and checking the grammar and spelling of what you are writing can be done through this amazing application. This app seems to be very helpful when sending important doc file or email as grammarly ensures that we are sending the document with correct spellings and grammar.


Zoom is also a beneficial app to share audio, video and screen as well. You can arrange meeting with number of people and infact it allows you to talk with a one person virtually with a large number of people. Some schools are using this app to take the online classes and teachers can talk with a single child by muting from the other children in the classroom.

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