Steps for Preparing Ads for your PPC Campaign using Google Adwords

What is PPC?

PPC is the part of internet marketing where advertisers have to pay a fee every time when their advertisement is clicked. In simple words, it is the process to buy visits to your website rather than to earn with an organic way. PPC campaigns as well as PPC management  are little complex and requires careful planning which leads to make it successful.

To build up a winning PPC ad campaign, The process  starts  from researching of keywords and selecting the correct keyword, then organizing those keywords to set up a well organized ad campaign and in the end setting up of PPC landing pages that are optimized for conversion. Those who create and run relevant, intelligently targeted PPC Campaigns are rewarded by the search engines by charging them less for ad clicks.

Introduction to Google Adwords

Google ads is the most popular advertising system in the world. The Ads platform empowers organizations to make advertisements that show up on Google search engine and other Google properties. Before the launch of any adword campaign, the first thing that an advertiser should know is:

  • What your customers want?                                   

  • What they’re looking for?

  • How they’re searching for it?

Google Ads works on pay per click model, in which clients bid on a particular keyword and pay for each click on their ads. To start the ad campaign for the first time, there are some points to keep in mind:

  1. Set a fixed budget and try to spend less money which is enough to get started.

  2. Keep the ads simple as much as possible without making them over complicated and start creating dozens of variations of ads.

  3. Need to keep patience as most of the people who lose money on AdWords and quit too early. Have patience. It takes time.

You can resemble Google AdWords with an auction house. You have to set a budget and a bid. The bid sets how much you are willing to pay for each click. If your maximum bid is $2, Google will only show your ad to people if other aren’t bidding more.

There are some factors that are responsible for how successful your PPC campaign will be. There is a need to focus on:

  • Relevancy of keywords used

  • Landing page quality and well optimized

  • Overall Quality score of your PPC campaign

  • Use of tools to create designer quality ads

Lets discuss one by one:                                                                                              

PPC Keyword Research:

It is a time consuming but it is also incredibly important. The PPC Campaign is fully depended on the keywords selected and a successful Google ad advertiser continuously to refine their keywords list and grow day by day. An effective PPC keyword should be relevant, exhaustive or we can say a long tail keyword and less competitive and should be iterative. For the constant growth of your campaign and keyword, we should constantly refine and expand our campaigns to make it successful and popular.

Include negative keyword in your first Ad Campaign:

There are some negative keywords that are less likely to apply to the targeted audience. So to reduce the negative impact on your ad, flag any keywords that may attract the wrong audience as negative keywords. This will keep your ad from displaying if those keywords are used.

Manage your PPC campaigns:

Once new PPC campaign is created, there is great need to manage it on the regular basis to make sure they continue to be effective. In fact, the account activity regularly can also be responsible for the account success.

To optimize your campaign, you can do the following:

  • Add relevant PPC Keywords:

The visibility and reach of your ppc campaign will automatically expanded by adding niche specific keywords.

  • Use of split ad groups:

You can improve the CTR and quality score by splitting up the ad into smaller ad groups with the help of which you can create more specific ad text and landing pages.

  • Proper refinement of landing pages:

Boost up the conversion rate by making modifications in the content and Call to action of your landing pages and do not spend all the traffic on the same page.

  • Make your ad attractive and valuable:

Instead of competing on pricing,  try to focus on the highlights of the value of your offer. More you can highlight the specifications, the more attractive is your ad.

  • Creation of a powerful but relevant Call To Action:

The right CTA create great impact on the conversion. The CTA should match with the words or punch of lines you are using.

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