How to make your mobile application more engaging?

In 21st century, smart phones have become a crucial part or we can say an essential member of our lives. Mobile phones has now replaced the desktop screen as people have no time to stay at the front of desktop and work. In fact they prefer to work and use smart phones to get their work done. Now a day’s people are more reliable on smart phone for accomplishing their small to big daily tasks. Thus, Developers and brands are all racing to become mobile as users spend more time online via their Smartphone over desktops.  But as a user perspective, sometimes people find mobile applications which are not working properly on some devices. As a mobile app developer, you have to take care about so many things that will help your application to be more engaging.

The quality of the mobile applications takes a crucial role in making the mobile applications engaging.

Let us know some of the important points for the quality mobile apps. It greatly depend upon planning, developing the interactive prototypes of the app, focus on cross-platform application, implementing minimum viable product, keep the app simple and many more reasons by which the quality of the app can be improved. Let us discuss one by one:

Careful Planning:

The proper and careful planning helps in saving the lot of money without compromising on the quality of the mobile app. Planning includes all-inclusive research on your target audience, competitor research and many more and this all will decide your app success.

Build Interactive Prototypes for better app development:

By building the interactive prototypes of the application rather than just starting developing the app. These prototypes provide a good idea about the navigation, features, and UI/UX design of the app.


The platform on which application is being developed matter a lot in making the application less costly. The development of two different apps or we can say in two different platforms like iOS or android is much costlier, but if you go for cross-platform app development, you can reduce the development cost.

MVP Minimum Viable product:

Without spending too much money and time on building complex apps, organizations implement minimum viable product that helps developers to test audience response.

Keep the app simple for better experience:

To add many features not only add additional cost but also lengthen the process. So, it is better and a best way to highlight a few features that are essential to your app functioning for promoting your business. Design your mobile applications which has to be easy to understand and simple to look at.

Track your Competitor:

There is great proverb “Keep your friends close and enemies closer” which mean keep an eye on your competitors. Competitors are the one who have the same niche as yours. By making a list of good and the bad things that you observe while using the app, you can keep track of your competitor and thus avoid the mistakes that they have done.

Least advertisement used:

Placing the ads on the applications is the common method to earn money. There are so many applications like music apps, YouTube, etc that displays so many advertisements which seems to be irritating. To remove these ads, you can provide the premium versions of your mobile applications in which no advertisement will come while listening music or enjoying videos.

More use of emoticons and doodles and stand out:

By making use of emoticons or doodles or anything that attracts user attention are the best ways to make your app attractive. You can make minimum use of text and pictures and avoid too much information to be used in application.


These are the few good thumb rules and tips through which you can improve and boost up the user engagement and quality of your mobile applications. If you want to design and build such remarkable mobile applications, select our mobile app development company where you will get the best pricing strategy with amazing app features.

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