Best Ways to Speed up your Website and Improve Page Loading Speed

When created a website, everybody takes care about the speeding of your website. Think that speeding up your website is important and increase sale? The answer is yes, the speed of the website is really important. A few seconds delay in website loading leads to fewer page views, decrease in customer satisfaction rate and loss in conversion probability. So the increase in website loading could have a huge impact on engaging visitors and make sales. This mean to have the fast website is really important for ranking well with Google and also helps in keeping bottom line profits high. Google and other search engines penalise the website that loads slowly and the users stop visiting and bounce rate gets high.

Reason for Website Loading matters

Users used to prefer the website that loads quickly for about two seconds or less. The 40 percent will renounce the pages that take three or more seconds to load. The quick website loading greatly help to show the website loyalty and the poor loading time results in the decrease of customer satisfaction. In fact in July 2018 Google rolled out a new page speed update algorithm which makes speed a critical factor for everyone. There is a great need to understand the reason for being slow website loading time and where you can improve things to speed it up.

Tools to learn how fast your website loads

Page Speed Insights:

This tool not only provides a detailed description of how fast a website loads on desktop and mobile in the form of percentage but also a step to step guide to improve the loading speed of website.


Pingdom page speed tool helps to provide a lot of insight into how to improve your website. Pingdom is the third party to breakdown specific fixes which can be taken to improve the speed and health of your website.


It is also one of the best tools for identifying the factors which slows the website loading speed and fix it. It provides a letter grade for showing how well your website load. It also provides an automatic alert to make you notify in case of the loading speed of website below the threshold speed.

How to speed up your Website:

If your website is loading slow and takes a lot time to get load, then by making some changes in your website will boost up the loading speed of the website. These are:

Compress the images used in the website:

You can shrink the file size of the images by using the different format like if you have .png images then you can convert them to compressed .jpg images or you can use the tool to change images to a more compact format.

By improving JavaScript’s and CSS (Cascading Style sheet):

You can improve the website loading speed by creating an external document where you can move CSS rules or JavaScript snippets instead of loading dozens of lines of code for every page.

Clean up your redirects and use of cache:

You can use the CMS content management system like wordpress which are having inbuilt plug-in that will cache the latest version of your pages.

Sometimes browser gets confused if any website consists of too many redirects which thus lead to slow loading time. In such cases, you can check the redirects like permanent 301 redirect and temporary 307 redirect and simplify them as much as possible.

Invest in a faster host:

The hosting that you are going to take or have been taken plays a vital role in the overall performance of the website. Virtual Private Server web hosting is the best option to choose for the online businesses and blogging websites. It is little expensive but ensures the more security of website and delivers the best user experience.


The success or unsuccess of the website can vary any time or any second. The best loading time for any website should be 2 to 3 seconds only so while developing and launching a webpage should keep a target of 3 seconds. The websites with more than 3 seconds to load will increase the bounce rate and ultimately lose customers which greatly hinder the business. The above points will help you to optimise your WebPages. For the more help, you can hire the best digital marketing company and get an expert advice from the developers to find out more tips and tricks to optimise the speed of the website.

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