AWS S3 to Azure Blob storage transfer


  • Gabriel Gosselin (Canada)

  • Web App Development


We Developed a software in c# .net core which takes files from an AWS s3 bucket and upload it into a new Azure Blob storage container and check the file if it already exist or not. If the file doesn't exist then it upload it.

Our challenge

client already had an existing UI and graphics which can readily be converted to a working website. With a tight deadline, we were given some tasks which were: to develop the front end to make pages work together; to create an animated transition of the illustrations to be used for the quiz; to develop a back-end system that captures the users’ data and send an email to them; to enable Facebook sharing function for the results. Aside from a tight deadline, we need to make the web app work on mobile devices especially on iPad as it is the device to be used on their events. Because of this, we need to make sure that the scripts and graphics should be as light as possible without sacrificing functionality and interactivity.


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