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Lean & Agile Development

Agile Development for Mobile

A Development Model Engineered at its Core For Startups and Fast Growth Companies.

Our work methodology focuses on an effective agile development framework, which we have named ‘Rapid Agile’, as it combines the best practices from Extreme app programming, Kanban, Lean, SCRUM and inculcates all the requisites, the success of which is visible in our results.

Our App development framework is disciplined enough to prevent ‘cowboy’ coding, yet flexible enough to allow mid-development change of direction.

What Do Our Clients Say?

  • iuncta

    Extremely enjoyable to work with, and very focused on delivering quality product and quality workmanship. Great job!

    Garry Allbee

  • Connected

    I had an excellent expereince. Qservices is a professional organisation. They easily understood my needs and with the highest quality quickly completed the work. They exceeded all of my expectations. I highly recommend them.

    Paul A Cappialli

  • Lokatrain

    Qservices has very smart and knowledgeable team of software developers. I was impressed by them as they have excellent understanding of current development technologies. I have very busy schedule and Qservices guys were available to assist me outside business hours. That was impressive

    Marie Martin

  • Rebound

    Qservices has expertise in field of Windows Azure. The team helped me out with its knowledge to allow me proceed with my project smoothly.

    Harts S.

  • Artground

    Awesome - made contact at 6pm, job done by 9pm. Very professional and easy to work with. Pleasure doing business with them.

    David Graeme

  • Breakmates

    The Best Company I Have Ever Used Online. I was so impressed with QServices they have very good knowledge. They were very professional and extremely quick at answering any questions.I will request more services very soon. Would highly recommend, A** Thank you.

    Scott Mazey



Contribute is a unique and innovative educational cum presentation tool with new functionalities which have never been covered before. This product is a blending of writing, presentation and drawing tool. It is simple to use, allowing you to make tutorial quickly and efficiently. It is a substitute for traditional Blackboard or digital Smartboard. Turn your device into a virtual blackboard and give presentations in a class, meeting, or conference by direct connection or wirelessly casting to a TV/projector (Use Chromecast or Miracast and use device mirroring option). It is more useful for professionals, teachers, parents, students as well as novice for their personal use.

FOR : TouchIt Technology
YEAR : 2016
On Demand

Lot of ideals aspiring young not get started. We hope with the opportunity to build a fair, just and ideal internet selflessly put their entrepreneurial experience and to share experiences when I might be rolling on the road to entrepreneurial people. This apps provide a platform for the exchange of equal any SMEs, SMEs can make major fair trade, sharing of resources, reduce operating costs entrepreneurship.

FOR: AppOne Esolution Limited
YEAR: 2016

Pesona Indonesia is an application to help you search your travel destination and get the right direction. With this apps you can get the latest news and event happening in Indonesia.

FOR:Kementerian Pariwisata Republik Indonesia
YEAR: 2016
On Demand

This is an application that advertises our client’s product. It features include product description, blog and feedbacks. This is search engine friendly website that has helped our client to sell his product.

FOR: Gosmartfruit
YEAR: 2016


It’s a SAP security monitoring software. It includes features such as real time SMSs and email alters. This software is integrated with the SAP applications and then detects the attacks and unauthorized accesses, thereby preventing the damages.

FOR: ENGC, Germany.
YEAR: 2016

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